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This blog is my Custom Hunting Call Story and all that comes with it. "The Art of Duck Calls, Goose Calls. Childrens Calls, + Duck Whistles."

Custom Duck calls from Kellyskalls.com featuring custom made duck and goose calls with carved wood and acrylic game call parts that are of heirloom quality. My site is one of best sites out there for goose calls, duck calls, Micro-Miniature Calls,and Mini Calls that hunters and collectors out there need and want.

From time to time I will post stories about the Art of Call Making, I will show not only my work but the works of fellow call makers. The vast majority of Duck and Goose calls are made over seas in large plants manned by folks that do not claim English to be their native tounge.

Custom call makers be they Duck Calls, Goose Calls , Turkey Calls, Deer Calls etc. Are one of the great original American folk arts.

Today there has been a resurgance of sorts of custom call making by folks like myself that enjoy the art and love working with various materials to make what we call Custom Calls. There will also be stories about the sport we love and the people that make it a joy to be part of, Like I said in my first Post.

This is a work in process, The first few steps on a journey,

Thanks for coming along, Kelly (KellysKalls.com)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Speck Calls 2012

Using some new high tech sound boards for this seasons speck calls, White front Goose. These are the finest sounding guts I have ever tried and I have played with them all. So for all of my friends in California, Texas, Louisiana and far off Alaska and Russia these are the most effective sounding goose calls you will EVER get your hands on. You can pay a lot more for a call but why should you?? Check em out, Kel

Can you believe its season number 4 alread?? !!

This September marks the fourth season of Kelly Outdoors Radio. Who would have thunk it :) Not me for sure! The ratings just seem to keep climbing in spite of my ability to run folks off, Its a skill ya know. So far this season I have had Antonio Jones on the show as well as Tim Grounds, That's two big dogs in the industry no doubt. Take a few moments and have a listen to those shows as well as the entire seasons 1,2&3 all available on iTunes for free, Can't do better than free folks, Sorry, Lemme hear from ya folks if you have guest suggestions, Kel

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer 2012

How do people find the time to keep these up to date and current?? Seems like the time I have is always spoken for!! Oh well, Here it is July already, We head to Colorado at the end of the month and will spend some time running rapids, Wearing out horses and eating way too much. There has been a lot going on with the call making business and we are looking to make some serious new changes in the very near future. We are expanding Kelly Outdoors in a very huge way. Kelly Outdoors is the umbrella company that includes Kellys Kalls and Kelly Outdoors Radio, Like I said we will be expanding the scope of our industry involvement in the very near future, Look for an August 1st announcement.

Oh yeah, Those are two of my Woodie Kalls, These are now owned by a couple of world class duck/goose callers, have a blessed day folks, Kel

Monday, December 26, 2011

Crazy Year

2011 was a crazy year around here to say the very least, Last years popular call was my new wood duck call, They didn't lose any steam in 2011, They are still one of my best selling calls, What was interesting was the number of other folks that took a sudden interest in making wood duck calls, Guess it was an untapped market. Try as they might my calls just seem to get the job done and finish those woodies when the other guys calls let em swing through.

The Radio Show, Kelly Outdoors has just gone crazy, If listener ship is any consideration its more that tripled this past year. I give my guests and the willingness to overlook my shortcomings on the part of the listeners all the credit. The "Chat Room" during the show has almost become as fun as the show. The crew has way too much fun at times!! The first show of the year is Jan. 4th at 8pm CST. Its an all Kansas Show. Guests will all be from Kansas.

Hope all of you have a great 2012, Kel

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baserri Shotguns

Team Baserri will be joining me this week on Kelly Outdoors, These are some of the finest Shotguns you will ever lay a hand on, Superb craftsmanship and a price tag that won't put in the poor house. Join us for a great show, The phone lines will be open so you can ask the guys any questions about the line of excellent shotguns from Baserri.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things you need to know

This past month we in the water fowling world lost two guys that did a lot for folks in their own way to make water fowling more enjoyable, Joe Jaroski and Bill Duncan. Several call makers from across the USA have decided to do something for these guys families. There are to be two auctions on the Refuge http://http://www.refugeforums.com/refuge/index.php, Go to the Duck and Goose calling forum and look for the respective auctions, Joe's will start this Sat. 6/11/11 and Bills will start the following Sat. There will be some calls from some of the finest call makers in the country, Several will be one of a kind calls. If your a collector then you will want to see these calls.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The season is Here

Early Teal season opened this past weekend and my son Hunter and my oldest daughter Lindsye found ourselves enjoying the Kansas sunrise near a small marsh wast of Hutchinson. We were the guest of the gents at Central Kansas Outfitters, www.centralkansasoutfitters.co The teal were flying fast and furious, Hunter had his first duck on the water right at legal shooting time, This was Hunters first duck hunt where he was allowed to shoot, Teal with a 20 gauge is no easy task, The boy had his limit in 20 minutes, I was one proud dad lemme tell ya. Jim and the guys at CKO did a great job of setting up and marking all of the downed birds. This was a hunt that we will not forget, Lindsye was toting a camera instead of a gun this hunt and got some awesome pics, You will be able to see some of them on the CKO web site. If your looking at hunting in Kansas give these guys a call, You will find none better to help you have that once in a lifetime Kansas Hunt, Have a great season folks, Kel

Sunday, July 4, 2010

WOODIE CALLS aka Wood Duck Calls

Man I have to tell you when Kent Cullum of Hobo Calls http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hobo-World-Championship-Duck-Calls/155870142005called me to tell me that he won the first Team RealDuck http://www.teamrealduck.com/contest that he had every competed in using one of my Woodie calls I was jazzed. The idea for the Woodie call came to me in one of those "Eureka Moments" while driving one day, I came home and proceeded to try my idea out and shazaaaam, It was a winner. I sent Kent one of my calls to use in the contest and the rest is history. Since his win I have had several requests for the calls, Not setting any sales records but that will come around I am sure. Check out the three Woodies in the pics on here, Yep, Thats Ivory not acrylic on that African Blackwood Woodie................ Nice huh!!

Charlie Hess and Kevin Hampton

Seems like the world is just ripping by and not even thinking about slowing down. I lost two friends recently that were a big part of my call making business and also members of my group of buddies that loved this sport as much as I do. Charlie Hess and Kevin Hampton, Both were men that enjoyed the great outdoors to its fullest and LOVED waterfowling like few others ever do. They loved good calls and great conversations, Charlie, Kevin, You will be missed my friends.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New service

Its been a long time since I posted here, Been busy but that's no reason to not do this. The radio show has been doing very well, Better than I had ever expected it to turn out. The call business is still plugging along. Noticed that I always seem to get a lot of requests to work on calls that need some TLC, Either repaired or refinished. So I guess now is as good as a time as any, Going to post the info out there that I do repair work on calls of any kind as long as they are wood. I do not work in acrylic and so that would be a great way for me to ruin a call or two. Anyway if you need some repair work done on your calls give me a ( dare I say it ?? ) a call or send me an email for more details, Retuning and refinishing all wooden calls. I will be announcing this on the show as well. Have a great one folks. Turkey season is almost here!!!!!